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Spontaneous Idea to go to a Toronto Maple Leafs Game

Sometimes spur of the moment things can be great, sometimes they don’t turn out so well. Last night, I was in a bar and realized that the Toronto Maple Leaf game had just begun. I was only within minutes walking distance of the stadium. Almost instantly I thought “I need to be there.” So, I did something about it. I decided I would head towards the stadium to see if anyone was still selling last minute tickets. Since it was already minutes into the game, I figured I could get a decently priced ticket.


Luckily, I was able to get some tickets. It is pretty easy to tell who is selling tickets because they just stand there, kinda awkwardly. I could tell he was selling tickets from about a block away.

After I talked the seller down from the original price, I had a rush of confidence from the excitement of my spontaneous act. I hadn’t really thought it through though – who would I be sitting by? would it even be fun to watch a game by myself? would the tickets be decent seats (I mean I asked, but he could have blatantly lied)? Would the ticket even be legit?


After I the ticket reader “beeped” with acceptance, my worries subsided. I was at the game, and “when in Canada, watch hockey.” Being from Michigan, I quite like hockey.. But, the only Red Wings game I have gone to was the one when I won the suite tickets.

At the game, I was extremely lucky. I was in the lower half of the arena. I was only about ten minutes late to the game, and there are three twenty-minute periods in hockey, so I didn’t miss much. I was also sat between an older couple who was visiting their daughter while at university, but she was sat far away from them. On the other side of me, was a group of people about my age. I had people to talk to on both sides, I didn’t even feel like I was attending a sporting event alone. Plus, the Maple Leafs beat the Boston Bruins 6 to 1.



I didn't quite understand why my beer had a sippy-cup lid on it though.

I didn’t quite understand why my beer had a sippy-cup lid on it though.

I realize that a lot of people, especially women would have a hard time doing things like this alone or on such a whim. But, I have to tell you I am so glad I did it. I don’t mind doing things alone, especially when traveling. If there is something that really draws your attention, do it. Don’t miss out on something because you think it is weird to do it alone.


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