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Reflecting on 2014

It is that time of year again, time to reflect back on the course of events of the year. This past year has been an interesting one for me. I started out with a post of my  — of course, some of these goals I kept, while others changed. That is just how life goes.

This is the list I posted last January:
2014 goals

Goal 1: Graduate Uni — this one I accomplished. I graduated as a member of the Honors College from Oakland University with a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Spanish.

Goal 2: Get a job working out west at a ski or snowboarding resort — I am far from accomplishing this one; at the cusp of the New Year, that is where I thought I wanted to go. Instead, I ended up signing up for the Peace Corps. I leave March for Paraguay. I am much happier with this option. The Peace Corps will not only allow me to learn and understand another culture in depth, but it is also a good step for a career in anthropology.

Goal 3: Visit Toronto — check!

Goal 4: Go to at least 4 states I haven’t been to before — If you count Puerto Rico as a state (which it technically isn’t), then yes I completed this. In April I went to Kentucky to present research at The National Conference of Undergraduate Research. In May, I spent some time enjoying the sun, sand, beaches, culture of Puerto Rico as a graduation present from my mother. In August, I went on a mini road trip to Tennessee with two of my best friends. We spent time in Nashville and the Smoky Mountains, where we also crossed into North Carolina.

Goal 5: Learn to Salsa — while I didn’t actually take lessons, I did spend a night in San Juan, Puerto Rico dancing salsa.

Goal 6: Start and maintain a $$$ log — I started out strong with this one. When I went to Israel for a month, my money log fell apart. But, when I returned I got it back on track. For the most part, I have been consistent with maintaining a spending and earning log. It also allowed me to see where I was spending unnecessary money (or too much), and I was able to improve on this. I will continue keeping a log, and I suggest it to others as well.

Goal 7: Land a 180* — unfortunately, I haven’t been able to go snowboarding yet this winter due to the LACK OF SNOW IN MICHIGAN. There is still hope that I can achieve this in the first couple of months of 2015.

Goal 8: Take a spontaneous Trip — After I had to return early from Israel due to the political situation, I took a spontaneous trip to Northern Michigan to spend some time with old camp friends.

Goal 9: Make my travel blog even more badass — you tell me. My stats have definitely improved since last year, so I am going to go with yes.

Goal 10: Read and Write more often — I consciously kept a travel journal while in Israel this summer, and I am glad I did. I also have had more time since graduating to read for my own entertainment (some of which has still been academic material).

In addition to these goals, some pretty exciting things have happened on AM Travel:
–  Enjoyed Two weeks of sunshine, snorkeling, beaches in Puerto Rico
–  Worked for a month on an archeological dig in Israel
– Received my invitation to serve in the Peace Corps in Paraguay leaving in March 2015

That being said, it is good to have goals, but you don’t need to live by them. I had some really great opportunities come up (Israel, Peace Corps) and because of that I had to turn down some of my other goal for the year of 2014. I am extremely pleased with the way this year turned out. I couldn’t have imagined a better 2014. 

How was your 2014? Did you live up to your 2014 New Years revolutions or take advantage of spontaneous opportunities? 


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