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Gifts for Travelers

For some reason “the traveler” seems to stump many people with regards to holiday shopping. Just because they seem to have things together enough to gallivant around the globe doesn’t mean they still aren’t itching for the perfect present under the tree. Check out these unique gifts for every traveler on your list.

1. GoPro — Documenting your experiences is extremely important to most travelers (especially bloggers). A GoPro is a great way to document any adventure whether it is surfing, skydiving, a cross-country road trip, or a vlog. This is the top item on my list this year :)

2.  A (Custom) Travel Journal — Not custom as in having their name written on it, but custom as in you put together a little something special for them. Having a travel journal made specially for you, makes you feel like a champ. Not only does it serve as a great place to write down amazing tales from the road, but it is also a way to have home close to you at all times. Pictures of you and “said traveler” are great things to put on some of the pages, along with different iconic scenes and wanderlusting quotes.


3. Sky miles —  if you have left over miles that you don’t have anything to do with, give them to the traveler on your list. Chances are they already are saving them. Most airlines allow for the transfer of miles to family and friends now. This is a great way to surprise any frequent flyer.

4. EReader — I never travel without my kindle. I love how light and easy it is to carry. I have many books and games on mine, and they are readily available anywhere I go. Great for long layovers or train rides.

5. Book light — Along with my kindle, I often need my book light. It is great for public transportation and hostel stays. I have used it over the years to stay up and read or write whilst others are already asleep.

6. Hand held tripod — A great option for the solo traveler, a hand held tripod makes taking photos with iconic landmarks easy. Although, one may look a little strange taking the photos, it will be worth posting on Facebook or Instagram. 

7. Carry on Cocktail kit — (or just a couple of small bottles of liquor of choice as long as they are 3 oz or under). In flight, you are generally given a complimentary soda, which makes a perfect mixer for the small stash of vodka/rum/bourbon brought on the plane.

8. Speaker — When the volume on an iPod or iPhone just isn’t cutting it, a small speaker can come in handy.

9. A compass — It may seem a little out of date to some people, but I (and many others) still love to use a compass. A compass is truly great for backpacking “unplugged,” also known as orienteering.

10. The gift of your time — When I am home, I usually am not home for long. Above anything else, I want to spend time with my friends and family who I love. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a beer and a great chat is always a good option.



3 thoughts on “Gifts for Travelers

  1. I loved this post! The ideas were original and very true. I especially liked the “Frequent Flier Miles” idea, I may have to start asking for those!

    Keep it up!


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