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Looking Forward to 2015

2014 was an amazing year. Along with graduating college, I had great experiences traveling the world. Some of the best memories include swimming with manatees, spending a month working on an archeological dig in Israel, and Hiking the Smokies among other things.

Now that it is officially 2015, I can’t believe it has already come. In just 63 days, I am headed to Paraguay to serve in the Peace Corps (meaning I will be there for two years and three months). I am a volunteer that will be working in the Community Economic Sector. Last year, I put out a 2014 goals list, but this year I have decided not to because once March comes around the corner I will be absorbed with my Peace Corps service. I am not even sure how often I will have internet let alone be posting to my blog.

I do have some small trips planned though: I will be going to the Traverse City area for a couple days in January and I will be spending the first week of February in Utah to do some serious snowboarding. I know my departure date is going to come quickly, so I am trying to spend as much time with friends and family as I can, while also getting my packing list sorting, my finances in order, and practicing Spanish and Guaraní.

I put together a small recap of what I have been up for the year of 2014. Look for more on my snowboarding trip to Utah (and possibly some posts on Paraguay).

Untitled Infographic

Stay connected with AM Travel for more on snowboarding Utah and (hopefully) some Peace Corps Paraguay info.


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2015

  1. Good luck next year in the Peace Corps! I loved this infograph, where/how did you create it?

    Cheers and Happy New Years!

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