I have been extremely fortunate in what I have already accomplished in my lifetime, but there are many things I have yet to check off my bucket list. Many of these involve some sort of travel yet others do not (they are not in any particular order).

1. Visit underground sculpture park in Grenada

2. Visit Manchu Picchu

3. Learn a second language

4. Complete a “Great Urban Challenge”

5. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

6. See the Mona Lisa

7. Lock a lock to love lock bridge in Paris with a significant other

8. Volunteer abroad

9. Go to all 50 states

10. Travel to Jordan and view Petra

11. Explore the Vatican City

12. Go to a World Cup Game

13. Travel to Rio de Janeiro

14. Be published

15. Go skydiving

16. Tour the Barcelona Stadium

17. Visit Australia

18. Swim with dolphins

19. Go scuba-diving in Belize

20. See the Pyramids of Egypt

21. Ride a camel

22. Visit Pompeii

23. Learn how to surf

24. Hot air balloon ride in Capidocha

25. Go spelunking

26. Glass walk way at China’s Tianmen Mountain Park

27. Put on Knight’s armor

28. Enjoy Bora Bora

29. Party on the island of Ibezia

30. View a summer solstice at stonehenge

31. Take part in the tomatina festival

32. Visit Pamukkale

33. Lead tours or trips

34. Ride behind a team of sled dogs

35. Float in the Dead Sea

36. Serve in the Peace Corps

37. Go to the Holi Festival in India

38. See the Terracotta Warriors of China

As always, I am still looking for new and exciting things to accomplish. If there is anything you feel that I would want to add to my list, please let me know!


6 thoughts on “Bucketlist

  1. Great list! Looks like we have similar things we want to do and some of the same ones crossed off. I dig the sled dogs one, might have to add that mine as well. : )

  2. Cool list. I did dog sledding last year in Greenland. It was great. Well worth doing it. Those dogs are hardy. They can run 70km a day over mountains!

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